Will Ringwald – Will’s Way


Will Ringwald – husband of Sally, father of Sheryon, Daniel, David

Montecito Memorial Park
3520 East Washington Street, Colton CA 92324
Services for Wilbur Lane Ringwald – was June 22nd, 2021 at 9:30 am
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Wilbur Ringwald, our father, passed away
Sunday afternoon on May 23rd, 2021 around 12pm. Due to a recent hip injury he was confined in bed and he really wanted to get out of that bed. He found a way, Will’s Way. Our caregiver Katie, was giving him a little water on a sponge and as she gave him a second drink he just peacefully passed away. He was in bed, in his home that he created from a boyhood daydream, while hiking with the boy scouts, up in the hills of Grand Terrace California. He fell in love with the views and created a lifelong dream, bringing his family and friends with him on his journey.

Thank you all for being part of his life and ours too! If you feel like sending flowers please send them to a good friend instead. Tell your friend your story of the times you enjoyed with Will’s Way. Sending flowers to a friend is actually my mother, Sally’s idea. She is his angel and will love you for it!

For me, Dan, my Dad is Love and Laughter.  He set the bar high on how to live, love life, and age gracefully.  To his last few days he showed us that there really is quality of life all the way to those last few days as he laughed and joked with all his caregivers, friends, and family, while providing them jobs, work, and a purpose to live and love.  We miss you in body and always love you in spirit and thank you for showing us your life and energy as you passed over to your next fantastic journey.

December 17th, 2020

I have a song and a special request of you, for my Dad, Wilbur Ringwald. At age 97 he is hanging in there. He is still able to walk to his favorite chair, watch his favorite shows, and eat his favorite ice cream. He is fading faster each day.

We are picking him up from the ER at Redlands Community Hospital today after being there for a few days with a past leg injury. They wanted to keep him, saying that he needs to be in a SNF, Skilled Nursing Facility. I told them “I’m Sorry, So Sorry, but due to the Coronavirus we are unable to do that.” We are only able to admit our father into temporary ER Hospitals as needed. We will however accept continued and increased in home health care services as needed. Due to our very good 24/7 in home care and possibly the Coronavirus statement, they agreed.

Staying at home to the very end is all he wants. We are very fortunate to have angels at home with him now, Olivia Fredericks for meals, cleaning, shopping, and doctor visits. Marie Martinez provides live-in caregiving for all things needed, and Redlands in-home Health Care daily nursing services. Also helping in a big way was son David Ringwald living there in the past helping out, daughter Sheryon Pilgrim and me Dan Ringwald, both staying there weeks at a time, every few months, working, cleaning, managing things as much as possible. Our Dad is getting exactly what he wants, when he wants, and is as happy as someone his age and condition can be.

He has set the bar very high on how to age gracefully while keeping a good sense of humor. Due to the Coronavirus he can’t have visitors and because he is getting very hard of hearing, phone calls are out too. Here is my request for you. Pray for him, that he is able to stay at home to the very end, with all of the good help and love that he has created.

Pray that his last day be watching his favorite shows, eating his favorite ice cream, with those he loves, and that he passes in his sleep, accompanied by a parade of angels on both sides of him, to the place he chooses next. My song for my Dad, which I just found and love, is Robbie Williams – Angels, which his loving wife, Sally Ringwald, I’m sure would love too, as she patiently waits for his return. Thank you all for being part of his life.

My Song for my Dad – Robbie Williams – Angels

Who is Will Ringwald – to me – my father is love and laughter. To be continued