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Bob Duggan – Genealogy Creator – Thousands of Hours and Years of Work – What a gift he gave us! Roots website loads slow so be patient.  Bob Duggan passed away a few years back.  Before he passed away Bob Ringwald told me he talked with Bob Duggan at his rest home and said he was concerned that all his genealogy work had been lost.  I was tracking the Roots website at the time and they had technical problems and we could not access their information.  They did get it back on line a year or two later and I have downloaded all to make sure that never happens again.  We can now hold on to it and build on it with your help!  Bob Duggan’s wife Kathleen Ringwald was his true love and why most of his research and work was on the Ringwald family line.  Lucky us!

Bob Ringwald * Star – Jazz Music * – Molly Ringwald’s father – Inspiring Dan Ringwald, with his emails and all his jokes included, to continue on with Bob Duggan’s work.  You told me you will be the next to go and two month’s later you were gone. I thought it was just another one of your jokes.  I am holding down some information here and slowly working on it. Admittedly, I am no Bob Duggan’s level of dedication on our Ringwald Genealogy.  That would be very hard to match! I will miss you my friend, Bob Ringwald, and I will still talk with you while I am working on our Ringwald Genealogy, and with no more clunky emails!

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The Ringwald Crest

The Woodcarving was made by Eugene Lee (Gene) Ringwald
1919-1998 of Durham, NC, a descendant of Georg Ringwald (Line 1 below).
Views from the Freiamt, Baden area show the Green Tree Inn
(founded by Georg Ringwald) and some of the Ringwald crest details at the Inn.
Photo of the Freiamt countryside around Ottoschwanden
(shared by Diane Blust) are shown here: (the village) and here: (an old farm).

Registers and Indexes

In our research we have found over two dozen separate and so far unrelated
lines of Ringwalds. Most are from Baden, but a few are from Württemberg. The
Ringwald lines included below are the principal lines currently in our database.
All other lines are quite small.  Each register includes a name index for that line.

Accuracy of these registers is the best we’ve been able to do,
but it is not guaranteed. Any corrections, additions, and comments are always
welcome. Please e-mail such to:

If you would like to join the Ringwald Genealogy Email List
just go to the Yahoo Ringwald Goup
and you can contact Dan Ringwald

Ringwald Surname, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

An excerpt from archives copyright © 2000  2016 Ringwald is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Ringwald family lived at Ringwood, in Hampshire. Since in Old English the word hring meant both circle and boundary, it is thought that the name of this place indicated was a reference to the edge of a forest. Ringwald Early Origins The surname Ringwald was first found in Hampshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Ringwood. At the time of the taking of the Domesday Book in the year 1086, a survey of England initiated by Duke William of Normandy after his Conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D., Ringwood was held as King’s land and the holder is not named. As was the Norman custom the second son of the Norman holder of the land assumed the name of the Manor and village. In 1086, the village held two mills. Norman surnames are characterized by a multitude of spelling variations. The frequent changes in surnames are largely due to the fact that the Old and Middle English languages lacked definite spelling rules. The introduction of Norman French to England, as well as the official court languages of Latin and French, also had pronounced influences on the spelling of surnames. Since medieval scribes and church officials recorded names as they sounded, rather than adhering to any specific spelling rules, it was common to find the same individual referred to with different spellings. The name has been spelled Ringwood, Ringewood, Ringwode and others.